Abandoned WHITE HOUSE Mansion | 2 Pools, Library, And Ballroom

Please note that we were granted special permission to film the residence we’re about to explore. It’s important to mention that the place is under close surveillance by the police, the owner, and the neighbors. There are signs clearly indicating that it’s private property and trespassing is strictly prohibited.

In today’s episode, we’re taking a journey to the deep south, where we’ll visit an abandoned palace made of white marble that reminds me of the White House in Washington, DC. This magnificent structure was built in 1983 by a gentleman known only as Mr. K.

Mr. K was originally from Poland but moved to Canada in the 1950s with hopes of finding work in the United States, even though he had never lived there before. Eventually, he fulfilled his dream by relocating to Alabama and establishing a successful hotel business. In the 1970s, he and his wife decided to move into the house that occupied the same spot where the mansion stands today.

They had plans to renovate and expand the existing house, but the extensive work required became a challenge. Consequently, in 1983, they made the decision to demolish their house and build the home of their dreams.

Despite their different backgrounds (Mr. K from Europe and his wife from Alabama), both of them had a shared appreciation for certain architectural styles. This influenced the design and layout of the mansion we’re about to explore.

This estate boasts a living space of 12,000 square feet, along with two pools—one of them indoors—over thirty chandeliers, and a grand master bedroom spanning 2,000 square feet. Not to mention the abundance of marble and intricate trim adorning each doorway.

After Mr. K passed away in 2006 at the age of 93, the mansion was put up for auction. It changed hands several times until it was eventually winterized in 2008 and has remained unoccupied since then. So, join us as we discover what’s still available to explore in this remarkable place.