Here Is Why Snakes Make the Best Pets

There’s no doubt about it: snakes get a bad reputation. From cheesy horror blockbusters like 1997’s Anaconda to various ancient tales warning humans to stay away from these slithery serpents, it’s not a surprise to find snakes at the bottom of most people’s wish lists.

However, much of this fear comes from general misinformation. Snakes actually have a lot going for them, and can be incredible pets when treated fairly. If you’re an open-minded individual searching for your next companion, continue reading to find out why a snake could be the right fit for you.


Simple Diets

Any cat or dog owner understands the struggle of feeding their pets. Most animals require an incredibly specific diet, as anything different can cause health problems or discomfort, amongst other issues.

In comparison, snakes a more straightforward, as their diet consists of only one thing: meat. Whether it be dead mice or pre-packaged meals, you won’t find it a hassle to keep your snake well-fed throughout the week. As a bonus, most of this food tends to be relatively cheap compared to other animal foods.


Less Maintenance

Any typical household pet is bound to require at least some sort of exercise. Dog owners are no stranger to waking up early to take their companion out for a walk, just how cat owners aren’t surprised to see their cat disappear into the outdoors for the entire day.

With snakes, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with such physical demands. All they require is an enclosure with enough space and climbing equipment to keep them occupied throughout the day, making them the perfect option for any busy professional or homework-laden student.


No Grooming Necessary

From dogs who shed everywhere to cats who are dirtied by their outdoor adventures, most pet owners spend a majority of their time—and budget—towards grooming services. Once again, snakes beat the competition since they can self-groom by shedding their skin as often as once a month. As an owner, all you’ll need to do is maintain proper temperature and humidity within their enclosure, as their shedding process depends on such factors.


Not Shy

Snakes are often assumed to be reclusive, apprehensive creatures. While this is undoubtedly true in the wild, pet snakes can actually be quite affectionate. Owners who know the current handling techniques can create a bond with their snake, allowing them to interact with their owner comfortably. As with any animal, always handle them with care and understanding.


Long Lifespan

Depending on their species, snakes can live for up to 30 years. Compared to other animals, this makes them a great companion for anyone who wishes to have their pet for a long time. Additionally, families can find themselves enjoying the presence of their pet snake for generations.

For anyone hoping to find a new pet, there are more than enough reasons to take a look into snakes. While an unfair stigma indeed surrounds them, you may find them to be a companion worth your time. All you need to do is give them a chance.

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