NOTES ON OHU50K $9,900 Awaiting
Victorian left behind. This was the former residence of an Italian immigrant and is currently owned by the city’s land bank. Italian-born Vita Paradiso arrived in Syracuse in 1912 and resided in this house when it was Ash Street’s belle of the neighborhood. Vita was drawn to this house because of its original features, which included tin ceilings, built-in floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets, double bay windows, intricate staircase, and insulated shingles on the double front gables.

Expansive multi-family residence located in Northside, boasting exquisite original features such as doors, trim, staircase, and amazing tin ceilings that are in excellent shape! This property, which is now set up as three units, will require a Change of Occupancy with the City of Syracuse in order to convert to two units with floor plans designed by architects. Before closing, the house will receive a NEW ROOF and front porches. One unit has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, while the second unit has three bedrooms and one full bathroom. It is possible to add a fourth bedroom to any unit! The buyer will have eighteen months to renovate this house. The buyer will need to provide proof of finances in the amount of $136k. The estimated cost of renovations is approximately $126k.

Listing: 3,172 square feet, 6 beds, 3 baths

Ancestral History

From the turn of the century until the mid-1970s, first and second generation Italians constituted the majority of the population on and around Ash Street. After Mrs. Paradisio passed away in 1952, the house was occupied by Angela Rose Razzano Viggliotti. Her two brothers, Father Fortunato and Luigi Razzano, stayed in the Old Country, although she was from Italy. (Don’t Italian names sound like songs when spoken?)