Weird Foods to Eat with A Cup of Joe

There’s no doubt about it: the world simply wouldn’t survive without coffee. From helping college students pull dozens of all-nighters to keeping CEOs awake through important meetings, we rely heavily on our small black beans — perhaps a little bit too much.

As such, most coffee-drinkers can’t buy a cup without eating something alongside their cold brew or latte. Starbucks’ popularity made coffee cakes and paninis the norm, but maybe you don’t want to be like everyone else. Perhaps you were into coffee before the rest of the world (in that case, where’d you hide your time-machine?) and need to make it clear you’re not about to let the world tell you how to drink your coffee.

In that case, look no further. By eating these foods with your next cup of coffee, you’re guaranteed to stand out amongst the flock as a unique individual (or possibly get kicked out of your local café).


Who said these warm, somewhat suspicious strips of meat were only for baseball games, outdoor grills and movie theatres?

If you find that your local coffee shop is too crowded in the morning, you should consider bringing in a hot dog next time you pick up your order. Find a nice spot next to the window and watch the city bustle by as you unwrap it from its foil, take a sip of your cold brew, and let the potent scent of microwaved meat fill the café. Everyone is bound to leave the premises within minutes to escape the smell, allowing you to enjoy your coffee in unrivaled peace.

As a bonus, those other customers might not ever come back if you do it regularly!

Fish & Chips

Boardwalks and seafood eateries can be such a hassle to find. After shouldering your way through an unruly crowd of people and waiting for what feels like hours to get your table, you probably won’t have much time after your meal to grab your afternoon cup of coffee. I mean, who drinks coffee at 5 p.m.? (Well, maybe you do — but that’s another article).

The solution: don’t wait! Who says you can’t eat a nice helping of seafood along with your favorite latte? Simply grab a cup from your local café as you journey to your favorite restaurant, and enjoy your meal alongside a hot, steaming plate of fish & chips.

Is it weird? Kind of.

Is it gross? A little!

But is it super convenient? Absolutely!

Hot Wings

Coffee is generally thought to pair best with sweet flavors, but why should you be forced to conform to the status quo? As a dedicated spice-lover, it’s your duty to show just how much you love spicy foods, and your refusal to give them up for anything — not even coffee.

So, next time you have an insatiable craving for gas station hot wings, don’t feel forced to give up your first love in exchange for a steaming cup of convenience-store coffee. Treat yourself like the king or queen you are and bring both to the register.

If it makes you feel any better, the employee has probably seen a lot worse.

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