15th century Kilberry Castle in Scotland is for sale for less than the average London home


Kilberry Castle, a remarkable piece of Scottish history, is now available for purchase. With an asking price of £650,000 (approximately $900,000 USD), this 15th-century castle presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of history for less than the cost of an average home in London.

Property Overview

  • Location: Situated on the scenic west coast of Scotland, Kilberry Castle stands as a testament to the architectural and cultural heritage of the region.
  • Structure: Constructed in the 15th century, the castle boasts a wealth of features including:
  • Five reception rooms
  • Four secondary bedrooms
  • Ten primary bedrooms, considered the most prestigious quarters within the castle
  • Four bathrooms
  • A separate charming cottage on the grounds with three additional bedrooms

Rich History

  • Origins: Kilberry Castle shares its inception period with the village of Kilberry, emerging in the 15th century at the community’s edge.
  • Ownership: Historically dominated by the Campbell clan since 1550, the castle has been a central figure in local lore, potentially dating back to around 800 CE for protection against Viking raids.
  • Sieges and Reconstruction: The castle has endured significant events, including an attack by English pirate Captain Proby in 1513 and sieges during the Scottish Civil War. After being destroyed by fire in 1773, it saw major reconstructions in the 19th century, adding significant architectural elements.

Historical Significance

  • Restorations: John Campbell 9th of Kilberry initiated the reconstruction of the castle in 1843, with further extensive restoration completed in 1873 by John Campbell 10th Kilberry, utilizing his wife’s dowry.
  • Unique Relics: Among its many historical treasures, the castle houses newspaper clippings from the London Illustrated News, dating back to 1885, preserved on the uppermost story.

Castle Features

Kilberry Castle is distinguished by its unique attributes:

  • Expansive corridors across four storeys
  • Original open fireplaces and galleried landings
  • Luxurious dining rooms, ocean-view drawing room, fitted library, and billiards room
  • The grounds include 21 acres of spectacular gardens, mature forests, a mausoleum, Victorian pet cemetery, ancient fishing ponds, and a secluded beach

Additional Assets

The sale also encompasses a separate cottage, ideal for vacation use, boasting three bedrooms and a laundry facility, with picturesque beach views.

Condition and Sale

Despite its allure, Kilberry Castle requires significant restoration to return to its former glory. The current owners, the Campbell family, are seeking a new proprietor capable of revitalizing the estate for the next five centuries. Although inhabitable, the castle demands extensive improvements to recapture its historical splendor.

Final Thoughts

Kilberry Castle is not just a residence; it’s a slice of history and a project of passion for those with the resources and vision to restore it. Priced at a surprisingly reasonable rate compared to London’s housing market, it represents a unique opportunity for history enthusiasts and dreamers alike to own and rejuvenate a genuine Scottish castle.


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