Grandest Abandoned Italian Renaissance Mansion in USA


Elkins Manor Though it had amazed many over the past century, this American Gilded Age treasure has since been lost to the passage of time.

Just one year had passed since the neighboring building known as Lynnewood Hall’s completion when this legendary structure’s construction got underway in 1898! This renowned masterpiece was designed and constructed by architect Horace Trumbauer, on request by William L. Elkins. Its construction and design were done by Horace Trumbauer.

There are forty-five rooms at Elkins Manor that were designed and built in the Italian High Renaissance style. Every nook and crevice in this place has been meticulously thought out and elevated to a superior degree of design. throughout the span of 75 years, thousands of women came and went from the estate, and traces of their presence can still be seen all throughout the home.

The Dominican sisters maintained meticulous attention to detail and showed great care for the estate. The Dominican sisters left the land they had been residing on in 2013. It has been almost ten years since the restoration of this masterpiece began, so we were granted a unique chance to see its exquisite interiors and show you the remnants of this building’s former splendor.


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