A Louisiana Real Estate Agent Is Giving Away This Allegedly Haunted House for Free


For those of you who are seeking for a new place to call home, I have an amazing offer. This Louisiana property may be all yours for free provided you don’t mind sharing your new space with the purported spirit of an old woman named Adele (no connection to the musician). It’s reported that Adele gets rather boisterous in the kitchen.

There isn’t an official listing for the house anywhere, save from the few photos and the brief description on the Facebook post. Metro reports that McClain believes the cost of transferring the house to a nearby location would be approximately $40,000; but, if the house needs to be deconstructed, transported, and then reconstructed, this figure might go as high as $80,000.

So far, not a single person has expressed interest in it. But, I don’t think that the price is deterring people from coming. One way to understand why the post has gained so much attention is to read through the thousand comments that have been made on it. Some of the comments say things like “needs to be washed in the blood of Christ and the demons rebuked.” Facebook users did not take long to note that this house is well-known for having “weird noises” in the walls and ceilings in addition to other “unexplained” happenings.

After her great-grandmother Adele passed away in the front room of the house in 1967 at the age of ninety-nine, Dawn Vallot DeClout, a former resident of the property, told The Mirror that she believes her great-grandmother Adele is plagued by her spirit. DeClout, who left the house in the 1980s, believes Adele is the ghost who haunts it. Adele, who is 4’9″ and famous for getting into stuff in the kitchen, is described as follows: “We believe [Adele] is the ghost, but she’s not frightening at all.” According to DeClout’s source, there was a legend that Adele was constantly creating a ruckus with all of the pots when she was alive.


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