The Most Haunted House in Ireland Is Now Up for Sale — and It Comes With a Private Beach


If you don’t mind living close to some interesting folks, you might be able to have the house of your dreams all to yourself if you’re willing to share it with others.

It has been claimed by Time Out that Loftus Hall, widely regarded as one of the most haunted houses in all of Ireland, is now for sale. [Reference required] The stunning property, which has 27,000 square feet of living space (including a private beach) and 63 acres of land, is being offered for €2.5 million ($2.89 million USD) by its current owners.

The building, which is located near the town of Wexford, is home to a number of horrifying tales that have been passed down through the years in addition to being an incredibly beautiful and old property, according to Time Out. The generations have passed down these stories to one another. The present owners of the home, Shane and Aidan Quigley, bought it in 2011 and undertook significant improvements before listing it for sale to the general public. Despite this, in addition to the current owners of the property, it is home to several well-known individuals who are regarded as “residents.”

Time Out claims that the story that is most commonly told centers on a “dark stranger” who made an approach to the Tottenham family’s manor in the eighteenth century. This took place while Tottenham owned the land. It is mentioned that this incident happened on the property’s grounds.

The hall is claimed to be haunted by a young woman, probably Lady Anne Tottenham, who died here following the horror of learning that the visitor was not human at all but rather a supernatural creature with “cloven hooves.” The woman that is supposed to haunt the hall is Lady Anne Tottenham. It is believed that this incident caused her to pass away. And with that, the visitor left, taking the hole in the roof with him.

Time Out claims that the visitor, who is commonly referred to as “the devil,” also prowls the building’s hallways. This is something more that witnesses have said. Loftus Hall was the subject of a well-known documentary called The Legend of Loftus Hall and has been featured in various ghost-hunting travel series, such as Ghost Adventures, even though there is no proof that it was haunted before it became a tourist attraction.

Despite the lack of evidence to suggest otherwise, Loftus Hall was the focus of a well-known documentary titled The Legend of Loftus Hall before it was turned into a tourist destination. This house is said to have been the model for the fictional Fowl Manor, which appears in the Artemis Fowl book series.

The Georgian house has 22 rooms in total that you and your guests can check out whether this is the place you want to call home. If you do choose to make this your permanent home, there’s also a possibility that you will come across a ghostly guest.


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