‘Haunted’ 16th century Scottish castle for sale in St Andrews



  • Location: St Andrews, Fife
  • Living Space:
  • Eight reception rooms
  • Ten bedrooms
  • Three separate cottages
  • 34 acres of land

Historical Significance:
Earlshall Castle holds a rich history dating back to the 16th century. Built in 1546 by Sir William Bruce, it boasts numerous royal connections. Notable visitors include Mary Queen of Scots in 1561 and James VI of Scotland, later James I of England. The castle served as a hub for hunting, with monarchs riding from Falkland Palace to explore its grounds.

Haunted History:
Despite its grandeur, Earlshall Castle carries tales of hauntings. The infamous Baron of Earlshall, Sir Andrew ‘the Bloody Bruce’, left a chilling legacy. Known for his brutal acts, including the decapitation of Covenanter Richard Cameron, his presence allegedly lingers within the castle. Visitors report hearing his footsteps echoing on the spiral stairs to this day.

Architectural Features:

  • Uncommonly large windows hint at a departure from typical defensive design for castles of this era.
  • Musket loops and strategically placed smaller windows provide defensive measures.
  • Noteworthy original features include a granite fireplace in the Great Hall, coats of arms of European royalty and Scottish noble families, exposed stonework, decorative ceilings, and wood paneling.

Exquisite Grounds:

  • Encompassing 34 acres, the grounds feature parkland, woodlands, a courtyard, orchards, and a renowned walled garden designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.
  • Additional 19 acres of grazing land are available for purchase.
  • The garden, divided by ancient stone walls, offers distinct ‘rooms’ adorned with yew and holly hedges.
  • A 125-year-old topiary lawn, rose terrace, bowling green, yew walk, and secret garden await exploration.

Modern Amenities:

  • The property includes a five-car garage, catering to car enthusiasts.
  • Savills property agent Jamie Macnab describes Earlshall Castle as a “magnificent castle close to St Andrews” and an ideal destination for golfing enthusiasts.
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - ground - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - study - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - sitting room - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - dining room - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - bed - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - bedroom - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - topiary - Scotland - Savills
Earlshall Castle - St Andrews - outside - Scotland - Savills


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