Tall Tales Guesthouse at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina


Tall Tales has reopened at Saybrook Point Hotel & Spa, as seen on the right. Actually, right next to Three Stories.

Two years ago, I received an invitation to view the main site of Saybrook Point Hotel & Spa, which is the newest addition—a sumptuous hotel called Three Stories. Last week, I went back to the island and stayed at Tall Tales, a magnificent hotel that has recently undergone renovations.

Tall Tales is a subdued but tasteful guest house in the Italian style that opened in February 2016 and is situated close to Three Stories. Like its neighbor, Tall Tales overlooks the Connecticut River and offers the atmosphere of a quaint bed & breakfast.

Tall Tales has six rooms total, with two common areas on each floor. Every room has a theme inspired by real persons with notable ties to Old Saybrook. Every room is also outfitted with different color schemes and furniture that embody the personalities of their respective families. As a former first selectman and voter registrar, Barbara Mayard is known as Old Saybrook’s “Tow Mother” and is the name of my room.

Situated apart from the main bedroom on the second floor of Tall Tales, the Barbara Mayard room offers a quiet sitting area. Not that this space takes away from the bedroom. My bedroom has an electric fireplace, and there’s a small balcony right outside. Fitted linens are Victorian-style and comfy enough for a planned day, but the bed is a full-size with a front poster.

Its full bathroom replaces the bathtub with a walk-in shower that has a seat, complementing traditional fixtures. These Ploughs Tall Tales accommodations have access to WiFi. On the second floor is a billiards room as well. On the first floor, there’s a small kitchenette and an open-air patio dining room where visitors may grab a muffin or piece of fruit or brew great coffee with a Keurig.

Three Stories and Tall Tales provide entry to Parki¿g. Both galleries are situated across from the mai¿ ioο. The maitre d’, Fresh Salt, serves brunch once a week in addition to breakfast, lunch, and supper. Its straightforward techniques help the agriculture industry in New England. The Iÿ\’s Saÿÿo Spa has eleven treatment rooms and offers treatments like massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. A state-of-the-art fitness facility, ballroom and event spaces, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a marina that can accommodate yachts up to 200 feet in length are among the amenities.