Historic Scottish castle with royal links for sale in Glasgow



If you’re drawn to homes that are not only historic but also exude grandeur and uniqueness, then Mains Castle in Glasgow deserves your immediate attention. This 15th-century property, regarded as Lanarkshire’s most romantic residence, is now on the market.

Historical Significance

  • Origins: The land on which Mains Castle stands was believed to be gifted by Robert the Bruce. The castle’s earliest known occupants were Princess Euphemia Stewart and David Lindsay, following their marriage in 1478. Lindsay was the provost of Glasgow at that time.
  • Battles and Restoration:
  • The castle fell into disrepair after being damaged by cannon fire from Claverhouses Dragoons in 1678, following the Battle of Bothwell Brig. The marks from the cannonballs are still visible on the lower walls.
  • Restoration efforts in 1883 saw the addition of a new roof, which unfortunately collapsed in 1922 due to a severe storm. The castle remained in ruins until it underwent a thorough restoration from 1977 to 1985, at which point it was converted into a family home.

Unique Architectural Features

  • Interior Highlights: The castle features charming elements such as flagstone floors, open stone fireplaces, and a five-story winding spiral staircase.
  • Defensive Architecture: A strategically designed spiral turnpike stair in the southwest corner turns clockwise to benefit a right-handed swordsman defending against intruders.
  • Quirky Additions:
  • The first floor houses a Minstrels’ Gallery overlooking the Banqueting Hall.
  • The original guardroom has been transformed into a modern toilet with stone-clad cistern and handmade copper sink, sitting atop the castle’s original pit prison.

Living Spaces

  • Accommodations: The castle offers three bedrooms and corresponding bathrooms across the upper floors, including the original ladies’ quarters with a beautifully hand-painted ceiling.
  • Unique Storage: A small recess in the laird’s room served as a safe place to keep valuable salt dry.

Modern Amenities

  • Security: Enhanced with six feet by 10 feet stone walls, a parapet, and electric gates, the castle combines historical charm with modern security needs.
  • Grounds: The property spans 3.8 acres, abutting the northern bank of James Hamilton Heritage Loch and Park, providing ample space for leisure and hosting guests.

Market Listing

Mains Castle is currently available for purchase through Savills estate agents, priced at £495,000. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of Scotland’s rich history, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of the past and present in their living space.

Mains castle Glasgow photo
Mains castle Glasgow photo
Mains castle Glasgow photo
Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo

Mains castle Glasgow photo


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