During Our Exploration Of Abandoned Factory, We Were Surprised By Unexpected Finds Of Classic Cars (17 Pics)


We are a duo of photographers with a shared passion for documenting abandoned places across the globe, always clad in our distinctive yellow jackets!

Our fascination with the remnants of forgotten places first drew us together, as we each independently explored abandoned sites before our paths crossed. Our jackets carry deep symbolism.

Yellow, the color of our jackets, represents light—the very essence of photography. It’s a color that embodies creativity, warmth, and joy. This vibrant hue stands in stark contrast to the often somber, desolate sites we visit, breathing new life into them. This theme inspired us to uncover entire deserted villages and historical buildings nestled in bustling urban areas.

Our project seeks to highlight these overlooked locations, promoting the preservation of remaining architectural heritage. We’re driven by the belief that there’s always more to discover outside our comfort zones, fueled by love and camaraderie.

Those who know us are aware of our deep connection to these places and the emotions they stir. Often, friends suggest new locations, exclaiming, “This would be perfect for the yellow jackets!” That’s exactly how we stumbled upon this factory. A friend passed by and thought it would be an ideal spot for us, despite not knowing what was inside. From the outside, the large, decrepit industrial building appealed to us immediately, and we decided to explore it.

We arrived and entered through an ancient tunnel resembling a mine, constructed from the factory’s own bricks, now overrun with vegetation and cobwebs—a clear sign of long abandonment.

Inside the tunnel, a track and an old minecart hinted at its past use for transporting materials. We navigated this dark passage with lanterns, eager to see what awaited us on the other side.

Emerging from the tunnel, we were greeted by an unexpected sight—old cars scattered everywhere! As we ventured further, we discovered a wooden upper floor, also laden with vintage cars.

This exploration surpassed our expectations. Not only did we anticipate exploring a factory, but we also found a collection of classic cars, a rare find in such a setting. The cars were unlocked and in surprisingly good condition, untouched by vandalism, their charm only enhanced by the patina of age.

The factory’s age was evident, with parts of the upper floor collapsing dangerously. The risk of the cars—or us—falling through was palpable. We spent the entire day there, captivated by the task of photographing these cars, their history, and the architecture of the space. It was a thrilling discovery, making it one of our most memorable explorations to date.

The thrill of navigating the dark, historic tunnel and encountering these automotive treasures was truly indescribable.


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