Live out your fairytale dreams and get paid to live in this spectacular Cornish castle



For many, residing in a castle is a fairytale fantasy, seemingly out of reach. However, recent opportunities demonstrate that such dreams might be closer to reality than previously imagined.

Unique Job Opportunity at St Michael’s Mount


St Michael’s Mount, a picturesque castle in Cornwall, is currently seeking a Visitor Services Manager. This unique role not only offers the chance to work within the historic walls but also to live there.

Salary and Role Description

  • Salary Range: £24,000 – £29,000 per annum.
  • Job Role: The castle seeks an enthusiastic and dedicated operational manager.
  • Responsibilities: Leading and motivating over 30 seasonal employees, ensuring a top-notch visitor experience from start to finish.

Qualifications and Expectations

  • Skills Required:
  • Exceptional organizational ability
  • Skilled multitasking
  • Strong leadership and motivational skills
  • Desired Traits:
  • Passion for engagement and delivering world-class service
  • Visionary mindset to maintain St Michael’s Mount as Cornwall’s premier attraction
  • Adaptable to working with tidal and weather challenges

Castle Features and History

Historical Significance

  • Former Residents: St Aubyn family and monks.
  • Notable Visitors: Hosted HM Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh in 2013.

Attractions and Features

  • Architectural and Historical Elements: Includes a priory church, map room, and library.
  • Additional Highlights: Boasts medieval features and stunning panoramic sea views.


This job offer represents a rare chance to intertwine a professional role with the enchanting lifestyle of castle living, making it an ideal opportunity for those captivated by history and eager to play a part in preserving and enhancing the visitor experience at St Michael’s Mount.

St Michael's Mount - Cornwall
St Michael's Mount - Cornwall
St Michael's Mount - Cornwall - arch


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