Stunning pink castle for sale in East Staffordshire



This extraordinary pink castle located in Burton-On-Trent, East Staffordshire, has recently been listed for sale. Perfectly capturing the essence of a fairy tale, this four-bedroom country home is a dream come true for potential buyers looking for something truly unique.

Key Features

  • Location and Style: Set in the charming area of Burton-On-Trent, the castle boasts a fairy-tale aesthetic with its soft pink stone and enchanting features.
  • Privacy and Exclusivity: Equipped with large windows, Narnia-style lampposts, and electric gates, the property offers a high level of privacy and an exclusive living experience.
  • Land and Views: The estate includes two acres of land with unrivaled views that add to its allure.

Historical Significance

  • Previous Ownership: The castle was once owned by Lord Burton, adding a touch of historical significance to its already impressive profile.
  • Modern Updates and Original Features: Recent renovations have refreshed the property while maintaining many of its original architectural elements.

Interior Highlights


  • Master Bedroom: Features luxurious letterbox-red carpets and rich oak bed frames, creating a regal and comfortable sleeping environment.

Living Spaces

  • Kitchen and Bathroom: Both areas are spacious and well-appointed, ideal for family living and entertaining guests.

Potential for Personalization

  • Customization Opportunities: While the interiors are striking, new owners have the opportunity to tailor the spaces to their personal tastes and preferences.

Market Information

  • Price and Listing Details: The castle is available for purchase at £1,000,000 and is being marketed by Fine & Country via OnTheMarket.

This unique property promises a living experience akin to that of royalty, with ample space, historical charm, and modern comforts, making it an enviable choice for anyone in the market for a home that is truly out of the ordinary.

Exterior image of a beautiful pink castle for sale
Pink Castle in East Staffordshire
Beautiful pink castle for sale
Beautiful pink castle for sale
Bathroom from a beautiful pink castle that is now for sale


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