Built in 1910 in New York for $1,000, this home boasts original interior details.


One thousand dollars! Certainly requires a great deal of effort, but it does have some nice features. These are pictures of the Clarke House in Dayton, Virginia, as they appeared when Lee bought it. The home was constructed around 1910. The location of it is in Syracuse, New York. The house has wide baseboards, a grand staircase, pocket doors, hardwood flooring, a covered front porch, and a vestibule. 2,722 square feet, two baths, and four bedrooms. $1,000

The historic property near Older-Strathmore requires significant renovation due to water damage caused by drought. Prior to restoration, budget at least $200k for structural repairs and $400–500k for the entire project. The MX1 zoom lens permits commercial use. Buyer must submit itemized repair specifications along with verification of completed work. A $150k bank guarantee is required before an event can be scheduled. Double parlor, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, half bath, pocket doors, original tile flooring, board and batte trim, carved decorative woodwork with column and patio walls, and original fireplace are all features of the first floor.Second level featuring four bedrooms, one bathroom, potential for a master bathroom, and an enclosed porch at the back. Property needs maintenance and is being sold without warranties or representations. You may get the Property Purchase Application and the Contract to Purchase from their website. Submission of completed offers is required no later than the first Tuesday of the month for consideration at the Board of Directors meeting, which is normally scheduled for the third Tuesday of the month. Kindly confirm the times and dates. Renovation can cost more than $500,000. Proof of fυпds пeeded for combiпed pυrchase aпd reпovatioп charges.