We’re Not Saying These 11 Homes Are Haunted, but They’re Certainly Creepy


While we won’t claim these 11 properties are haunted, their chilling ambience is unmistakable. The homes featured here range from abandoned palaces to grand homes now at the mercy of the elements, each carrying an air that suggests their rich histories and past inhabitants still linger.

Various factors can give a home a haunted feel, as noted by Psychology Today. Typically, such houses are old, secluded, and left to decay. Below, we showcase a selection of properties that embody these characteristics, and perhaps more.

Take a look at these 11 properties currently on the market and see if you’re daring enough to consider purchasing one.

Hudson, New York; 1141 Main St
Price: $150,000
The Cottage: Originally built in 1893 as a parsonage, this two-bedroom home includes a private entrance, deck, and additional outbuildings. Its quaint setup is perfect for a mother-daughter duo or for rental purposes. There’s a strong possibility that a disgruntled mother-in-law’s spirit haunts the premises.

Elkins Park, PA / Ashbourne Road
Price: $15.5 million
Lynnewood Hall: Designed in 1897 by architect Horace Trumbauer, this mansion features 55 rooms that could easily host a few spectral inhabitants. Its eerie resemblance to the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining” adds to its ghostly reputation. The property is looking for a developer to transform it into a hotel, concert venue, museum, or condos.

498 S. Main Street, Madison, GA
Price: $449,900
Foster-Miller-Thomason House: Built in 1883 and restored in 1986, this Gothic Revival, Italianate, and Queen Anne style home was severely damaged by fire in 2001. Its charred interior now enhances its haunted vibe.

630 E. Carson Street, Texas, USA
Price: $230,000
Hill House Government: This historic 1896 five-bedroom home on a corner lot includes approved renovation plans. The place might also be home to a few spectral cowboys.

1627 Pine Street, Eureka, CA
Price: $179,000
Pink Victorian: Nearby Fort Humboldt often reports sightings of a ghostly commander, making this 1882 Victorian a fitting addition to Eureka’s haunted scene. The four-bedroom house needs significant restoration but has great potential.

110 S. Stonewall Street, Sutton, WV
Price: $30,000
Haymond William Edgar Residence: This 1884 Queen Anne, recognized by the National Register of Historic Places and designed by Edward Bates Franzheim, offers a spine-tingling deal. Local lore suggests it’s a popular dare among teenagers to spend the night.

6295 Adams Road, Rogers, OH
Price: $979,500
Stone Estate: With its dungeon-like aesthetics and remote woodland setting, this stone house is perfect for horror movie settings. Built in 1933, it features a “Rapunzel-like window,” ideal for a fairy tale—or a nightmare.

56 Main St, Philmont, New York
Price: $69,000
Hotel on a hilltop: This abandoned hotel, situated in the Taconic Hills, echoes with the ambiance of a horror film set, minus the terrified teens. Built in 1878, it’s as eerie as they come.

801 Refugio, Ymbacion, Texas
Price: $125,000
Oaklawn: Known locally as Oaklawn, this sprawling, dilapidated estate sits on more than five acres near the Gulf of Mexico. Its long-abandoned state makes it a perfect hideout for all sorts of fugitives.

1226 Ojai Road, Santa Paula, CA
Price: $999,000
Remote Victorian: In Ventura County, this stunning 1883 Victorian sits isolated on two acres. The property is steeped in history but lacks modern amenities, adding to its spooky silence.

722 Watson Pl., Marlin, Texas
Price: $114,900
Marlin Brick: This fixer-upper outside Waco combines the eerie aura of a horror film with the potential of a renovation dream. Overgrown trees obscure its windows, perhaps for the best.


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