Wow! Over One Acre Abandoned 1865 Mansion in Virginia


I’m in love with this house! It was made for James Orr in 1865. The Orr Manor is located near Janesville, Virginia, on a scenic 1.6-acre site. For a brief period, the house lay empty and uninhabited, until the dishonest authorities found it and began to rebuild it. I found it incredibly charming that they improved the electrical system and restored the original chandelier. On the website, there’s also an alternative bar. The 2,784 square foot home features three bathrooms and four bedrooms. It will set you back $139,900.

According to the Zillow listing, it says:
And from Orr Maſor, greetings! This Victorian-era home blends Gothic Revival and Italianate design elements. When James Orr started working on it in 1865, it changed hands a lot and was never completed until the current owners quit. Don’t let the faded exterior paint deceive you; it doesn’t reflect the true state of the house.

The original character, charm, and elegance have been preserved, despite the fact that some older additions have been modified to accommodate specific preferences. The modest widows offer insights on rural and small-town America. Now that the wiring has been repaired, the faceplates and chandeliers just need to be installed.

Everything is completed and ready for your customization. This may be the start of your dream home; it has so much potential. The front porches and bedrooms can be used for wedding celebrations or as a place to host a bed & breakfast for extra visitors. This is a fantastic chance for anyone looking for a different kind of bridal shower. The land is mostly level and covers an acre and a half.

The property features three porches, an open deck, a space-screeched patio, a modest two-story bar, a quaint guest cottage that doubles as a dairy, and a shelter adjacent to the home. A magnificent staircase and chandelier greet you as soon as you go through the main door. On the right is a magnificent living room, and on the left is a lovely dining space that is connected to the magnificent room.

There is another cozy sitting room with access to the breakfast nook to the right of the stairs. Upstairs are three generously sized bedrooms with fireplaces and one bedroom with an attached bathroom. You might also go to the gorgeous capola, which provides privacy and amazing views of the surroundings. This genuinely unique home is incredibly beautiful. The vendor’s information, some of which is taken from tax records, should be verified by the buyer or their agent. Any information can have errors or omissions.