Inside The Abandoned Georgia House Where History Was Made


Overview of the Property
Location & Scenery: This intriguing house is surrounded by rich flora, creating a private and peaceful atmosphere. It is nestled in a lush forest in Georgia.
Historical Importance: The home had previously changed hands multiple times in the early 1900s before being acquired by controversial figure John McCown in 1967. His possession of the house turned it into a symbol of the community and signified an important time in the history of the area.

Details of the Interior and Architecture
External Condition: Structural Decay:
The once-impressive central tower is collapsing, and some windows are gone, indicating serious neglect of the front of the house. Much of the façade has been taken over by vines and plants that are clinging to the porch roof and lower levels.

Intrapersonal Investigation
Preserved Elements:
Despite the general decline, some of the mansion’s opulence may still be seen. Remarkably intact are the ornate wall paneling and the elaborate parquet ceiling, which showcase the opulent past.
Present Situation: The walls are heavy with black mold, and the roof is in bad shape. The interior is also in bad shape.

John McCown’s Legacy
McCown was reared in Harlem and was born in South Carolina. He got very interested in the civil rights struggle.
Contributions: Following the purchase of the land, he launched important community initiatives that improved the lot of Black people living in the area. These included voter registration drives in Hancock County and the establishment of the Eastern Central Committee for Opportunity (ECCO).

Political Impact: His efforts helped the county elect its first board of commissioners with a Black majority.

1970s Style and Decoration Aesthetic: The home has brash 1970s-style design, such as red and blue paisley wallpaper and a sealed fireplace with sculptures and an ornate glass mirror.
Remaining Elements: The coffered ceiling is still strong in spite of some peeling, and the detailed carvings on the white staircase balusters and newels are a testament to the craftsmanship’s durability.

This deserted mansion, which is currently up for sale, presents a complex picture of deterioration and history, signifying the grandeur of its past as well as the revolutionary social movements of its era.