ABANDONED 1902 Victorian Mansion, Everything Left Behind

There’s this old, charming mansion from the Queen Anne Victorian era that has been left deserted for quite some time now. It’s located on a corner plot on the outskirts of a bustling city. Back in 1902, a man from South Carolina, who had dreams of making it big in the furniture industry, moved to this city with his wife and their only child. He became the first furniture dealer in town and established himself.

Sadly, the man passed away in 1919, and the mansion was inherited by his children. They, in turn, passed it on to their own children, and this continued for generations. Eventually, the mansion was sold to a company that found a use for it by converting the bedrooms into business spaces. However, as time went on, the neighborhood surrounding the mansion began to decline, leading to an increase in criminal activities. Eventually, the house was left abandoned, with all its belongings still left inside. So, join me today, and let’s explore what’s still left to discover in this forgotten place.