Abandoned Demolished Farmhouse 1875 Italianate – Cazenovia, NY (Lost by fire!)


Discover a unique opportunity to own a piece of history with the abandoned Italianate farmhouse in Cazenovia, NY. Constructed in 1870 by Jabez Abell, this property offers a glimpse into the architectural elegance of the past and awaits someone with the vision to bring it back to life.

Property Overview

  • Location: Cazenovia, NY
  • Year Built: 1870
  • Land Area: 0.75 acres
  • Status: Listed on the National Register of Historic Places; available for restoration

Key Features

This property boasts several captivating features that highlight its historical significance and architectural beauty:

  • Original Architectural Components: Many of the farmhouse’s original architectural elements have been preserved, including pocket doors, trim, and woodwork, which are currently stored on-site for restoration purposes.
  • Spiral Staircase: An exquisite spiral staircase stands as a testament to the property’s Italianate domestic style, dating back to the 1700s.
  • Restoration Support: Eligible for financial assistance from federal and state sources, this property presents a rare chance for restoration enthusiasts to revitalize a historic gem.

Safety and Viewing Instructions

  • Guided Viewings Only: For your safety, viewing of the property is strictly by appointment with the listing agent. It is important to note that the property is sold “as is,” including the existing survey.
  • Important Reminder: Unaccompanied entry is strictly prohibited. Prospective buyers are urged to bring their vision, ambition, and a deep appreciation for history when visiting.

A Call to Visionaries

This property represents more than just a restoration project; it’s a canvas for those passionate about history and architecture to weave together the past and future. With its rich heritage, architectural integrity, and the support for restoration, the Abell farmhouse in Cazenovia, NY, offers an unparalleled opportunity to recreate a piece of history while crafting a unique home or project space. Seize the chance to become a part of this historic farmhouse’s next chapter.


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