Stunning 365-room Tuscan castle for sale in Italy


Introduction to the Property

Sammezzano Castle, a breathtaking 365-room castle located in the Tuscan town of Reggello, Italy, is currently on the market. Positioned midway between Florence and Arezzo, this fortress spans across 65 acres of land. With a selling price of approximately £14.6 million, this property offers a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of the Italian countryside.

Architectural Highlights

  • Historical Background: Originally constructed in 1605 by a Spaniard, the castle was extensively restored in the 19th century by an Italian politician.
  • Design and Decor: The castle showcases the Orientalist architectural style, highlighted by its intricate ceramic-tile mosaics, sculptural bas reliefs, and elaborately carved domes and arches.
  • Unique Features: Each of the castle’s rooms bears a whimsical name, such as the Peacock Room and the Hall of Mirrors, and has gained popularity as a picturesque location on Instagram.

Exterior and Grounds

  • Flora and Fauna: The castle grounds balance exotic plants with Italy’s largest collection of old-growth sequoia trees imported from California.
  • Architectural Elements: The estate also features Moorish-inspired elements such as pools, fountains, and terracotta garden statues.
  • Scenic Views: The vast green lawns offer expansive views, including a clear sight of the castle’s clock tower façade.

Historical Significance

  • Prominent Previous Owners: The castle was once part of the Medici estates and is rumored to have hosted Charlemagne.
  • Varied Uses: It has served various purposes, including functioning as a hotel from the 1970s to the 1990s.
  • Current State: Despite its rich history, the castle has been unoccupied for the last two decades and awaits a new owner.

Future Potential

  • Development Plans: There were initial plans in the early 2000s to transform the castle into a luxury hotel, although these plans eventually stalled.
  • Community Initiatives: A local campaign aimed to convert the castle into a public museum did not succeed.
  • Market Outlook: The hope remains that a new owner will emerge to restore the castle to its former glory and perhaps give it a “fairy tale ending.”
The clock tower facade of Sammezzano Castle 
Carved ceilings and tile work at Sammezzano Castle
Moorish-inspired mosaic tiles at Sammezzano Castle
Moorish details at Sammezzano Castle


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