Early baroque castle in Žitenice, North Bohemia


In Žitenice, an early Baroque castle complex with farmland and garden included is for sale.Together with the next farmstead and the Church of St. Peter and Paul, the castle’s towering position atop the slope affords breathtaking views of Litoměřice and the Bohemian Central Uplands landscape, creating a singular ensemble.

A vast farmhouse encircles the L-shaped, two-winged fortress. A Baroque gate with a more modern fence leads to the castle courtyard with a fountain to the north. An old road to the west separates the farmstead from a neighboring garden, and a road that follows the eastern fence leads to the farmstead. Remains of an old stone stairway lead from the castle’s southern main wing viewpoint.

The overall internal area of the castle is 1,724 square meters, and with the addition of 645 square meters for the attic, the useable space might be increased to 2,368 square meters. The castle comprises three residential storeys with forty rooms (not including the cellar, storage, staircases, hallways, and lavatories). There are 1,900 square meters of useable space in all of the agricultural buildings.

The oldest part of what was formerly a Gothic fortress is the Gothic cellar located beneath the castle’s southwest corner. The dividing walls in certain rooms and the cross-vaults without ridges indicate that the eastern part of the wing was most likely constructed during a later medieval architectural period. The Renaissance renovations are mostly responsible for the castle’s current size.


The striking landscape of the Bohemian Central Uplands invites outdoor recreation and cultural excursions. The Elbe and Litoměřice regions are thought to have the most productive temperatures in the Czech Republic since they are perfect for growing vineyards and fruit trees. The Doksany Monastery, Ploskovice Castle, the ruins of Kamýk Castle, Hazmburk Castle, and the medieval settlement of Litoměřice are only a few of the many neighboring cultural sites. Travel time to Prague and Václav Havel Airport is less than one hour, while travel time to the German border is less than thirty minutes. Litoměřice, a nearby town, and Žitenice village both have extensive infrastructure that meets all needs.