Inside of Abandoned Mansion Situated In South Carolina (Photos)

  • This article highlights an abandoned mansion located in South Carolina, presenting not just captivating photographs of the structure being reclaimed by nature but also emphasizing the essence of valuing what we have before it’s lost.
  • Despite its eventual demolition, the mansion’s memory continues to resonate through stunning imagery.

Historical Significance and Architectural Details

  • The mansion boasted a unique blend of Second Empire and Neo-Classical styles from the 1920s, featuring an exterior tower reminiscent of a castle turret.
  • It was situated at 728 N. Church Street, hidden from view by overgrown plants and vegetation.

The Mansion’s Features and Legacy

  • Although neglected and unoccupied for years, the property housed a striking reflection pool, possibly the last remnant of once-grand formal gardens.
  • Signs of the mansion’s prolonged vacancy included outdated equipment, like a fading window air conditioner, highlighting its need for modernization.
  • Bon Haven, the name of the mansion, was likely established by a notable figure who contributed significantly to Spartanburg County’s development, adding to the home’s historical allure.

Preservation Efforts and Final Days

  • In 2015, Southern Accents Architectural Antiques documented the mansion’s interior, marking an effort to salvage parts of the structure for reuse before its demolition.
  • The interior featured a grand staircase leading to double doors, capturing the essence of Bon Haven’s architectural beauty.
  • Despite the salvage efforts, there remains a lack of comprehensive records on the mansion’s many rooms or any estate sales conducted prior to its demolition.

Conclusion: A Hope for Remembrance

  • The story of Bon Haven ends with a hope that further exploration and documentation will allow this South Carolina gem to be remembered and appreciated, at least in historical records, preserving its legacy for future generations.


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