The old abandoned Selma Mansion in Leesburg, VIRGINIA has finally been restored.


The Selma Mansion, an emblematic plantation house with a storied past, nestled in Loudoun County near Leesburg, Virginia, at the base of Catoctin Mountain, has seen a remarkable transformation. Abandoned for over a decade, this historical site, once a center of economic and social activity, had succumbed to neglect. However, this narrative isn’t one of despair but of rejuvenation and public reconnection.

The Mansion’s Past and Present

  • Historical Significance: Built in 1815 by Armistead Thomson Mason, a grand-nephew of the Virginia statesman George Mason, Selma Plantation was part of a significant 10,000-acre land acquisition dating back to 1741. It symbolizes the colonial era’s pioneering spirit in the Leesburg area.
  • Architectural Grace Despite Decay: Despite years of abandonment, Selma Mansion retained an eerie beauty. It stood as a testament to the lasting impact of architecture, holding onto its grace amidst overgrowth and degradation.
  • A Tale of Tragedy and Resilience: The mansion’s history is marred by tragedy, beginning with the death of its founder in a duel and continuing through subsequent generations. Despite these adversities, the mansion has always symbolized resilience and renewal.

The Restoration Journey

  • From Abandonment to Revitalization: After decades of neglect and a stint as an event venue, Selma Mansion faced the threat of oblivion. It wasn’t until Sharon Virts and Scott Miller, motivated by a passion for preserving historical integrity, took on the formidable task of restoration, that Selma’s fortunes began to change.
  • A New Era for Selma Mansion: Through significant investment, research, and dedication, Virts and Miller not only restored the mansion but also reinvigorated its legacy. The mansion now stands as a beacon of historical preservation and educational opportunity, welcoming the public to explore its rich past.

Engage with Selma’s Story

  • A Call to Experience and Share: Selma Mansion’s doors are now open for visitors to immerse in its history. The restoration team encourages people to engage with Selma’s story, share their experiences, and discuss the importance of reviving such historical sites.
  • Contact Information: For those interested in visiting or learning more about Selma Mansion, it is located at 16045 Frostleaf Lane, Leesburg, Virginia 20176, USA.


The revival of Selma Mansion from a state of neglect to a monument of historical pride and community engagement represents more than just physical restoration. It embodies the collective responsibility to preserve our heritage and the power of resilience in the face of adversity. Selma Mansion invites us to connect with history, reflect on the narratives of the past, and inspire preservation efforts for other forgotten treasures.


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