Abandoned F.W. Knox Villa Set to Be Restored in Coudersport, PA (PHOTOS)



  • Location: Coudersport, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Project: Restoration of the abandoned F.W. Knox Villa
  • Potential Uses: Venue or Bed and Breakfast
  • Current Owners: The Mauser family from Lehigh Valley
  • Purchase Date: 2016
  • Purchase Price: $58,100

Historical Background

  • Original Name: Old Hickory Tavern
  • Construction Year: 1880
  • Original Owner: Franklin W. Knox
  • Size: 5,070 square feet
  • Previous Owners: Included the Rigas family in the 1980s

Restoration Plans

  • Roof: Restore to its original form
  • Side Porch: Complete restoration
  • Windows: Replace several broken ones

Unique Features

  • Tower: 55-foot tower with views over Coudersport
  • Staircases: Two spiral staircases
  • Windows: Numerous bay windows

Social Media Documentation

  • Platforms: Facebook and Instagram
  • Purpose: Documenting the renovation process
  • Page Name: F.W. Knox Villa in Old Hickory

Additional Information

  • The villa was previously gutted in the 1980s by the Rigas family with an intention to convert it into a bed and breakfast, which did not materialize.
  • The building remained unoccupied for many years before the current restoration efforts began.
  • Images and updates on the renovation can be found on Google and the villa’s Facebook page.


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