The Ruined And Abandoned Dunington Mansion In the Middle of a Golf Course


The once magnificent Dunnington Mansion, also called Poplar Hill, is in terrible condition and is presently abandoned not far from Farmville, Virginia, in the center of a golf course. Even though the site is always manned by guards, famed urbex photographer Bryan Sansivero was granted permission to document its waning grandeur. Join us as we explore the dilapidated inside of this historic home situated within a country club and attempt to piece together its peculiar past.

Situated on a parcel of wild land in Farmville, the massive red-brick manor is surrounded by the upscale Manor Resort Golf Club. The gate that separates the mysterious abandoned mansion from the golf course is an exquisite wrought-iron gate, supported by two deteriorating posts. It is rusty and lovely.

Walter G. Dunnington passed away in 1922 following a lengthy and distinguished career, and India Dunnington survived until 1960, dying at the remarkable age of 103.Mrs. Dunnington was reported to have been a very generous person who frequently made cookies for the kids of the plantation workers. According to Michelle Bowers of Old House Life, who has been contacted by people who knew the refined Southern lady, she even let them play hide-and-seek in the mansion.The manor, with its labyrinth of hallways, must have been a magical place to grow up!