ABANDONED $10.5 MILLION Mansion With Luxury Cars (Inside Photos)

  • Overview: The story unfolds around an abandoned $10.5 million mansion, including luxury cars, and traces back to its original owner, Robert, who built it for his family.

The Visionary Behind the Mansion

  • Robert’s Background:
  • Successfully graduated from a prestigious medical school.
  • Became a renowned surgeon, a father to four, and a leisure pilot.
  • Owned more than half a dozen medical offices before deciding to build his dream home in 2006.

The Mansion’s Grandeur

  • Luxurious Features:
  • Size: 30,000 square feet spread across three levels, excluding a full basement.
  • Amenities: Eleven bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, visitors’ quarters, indoor pool, outdoor sports complex, four-car garage, mahogany library, and an elevator.
  • Design: Emphasized elegance and sophisticated architecture, with a construction cost of ten million dollars.

The Family’s Dream and Tragic Turn

  • Moving In and Tragedy:
  • The family moved into the mansion during its construction phase.
  • Robert and his 13-year-old son died in a plane crash, leading to unforeseen financial ruin.

Financial Downfall

  • The Collapse:
  • Robert’s life insurance was void due to unpaid premiums.
  • The family owed $8 million on the mansion with monthly mortgage payments of $50,000.
  • Unable to sell the unfinished mansion, it was eventually abandoned.

The Mansion Today

  • Abandonment and Decay:
  • The bank ceased the mortgage hold three months after the family’s financial collapse.
  • The mansion suffers from water damage, contributing to its decay.
  • Left behind were valuable items including designer clothing, luxury cars, and opulent furniture.

Invitation to Explore

  • Discover the Unfulfilled Dream:
  • An invitation to journey through the mansion and uncover the story of a dream home that never fully materialized.


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