Abandoned Mushroom House in Northern Michigan Lists for $4.5 Million

  • Listing Price: $4.5 Million
  • Agent: Nate Granata, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
  • Location: Northern Michigan, near Lake Michigan

Realtor’s Comments

  • Nate Granata’s Observation: Described the sale as generating a frenzy, highlighting the house’s status as a key attraction in Charlevoix. He noted the community’s excitement and the unique appeal of the property.

Property Details

  • Main House and Guesthouse: Both available for a combined price of $4.5 million.
  • Construction: The main house was built by Earl Young in 1918, featuring stone walls from Lake Michigan stones.
  • Size: Main house approximately 4,000 square feet; guesthouse around 2,000 square feet with additional loft space.
  • Unique Design: No blueprints used, each house has a unique design tailored to the environment.
  • Renovation: Purchased in 2012 after being vacant since the same year, underwent extensive renovations including the preservation of the original stone walls.
  • Roof: Thatch roof imported from Europe, replaced the original shingle roof.
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Five full bathrooms and six bedrooms in the main house.

Interior and Amenities

  • Custom Furnishings: Though not included in the sale, the possibility of negotiation exists. Each piece was carefully selected to complement the house’s unique character.
  • Imported and Custom-Made: Every item in the house was thoughtfully chosen, emphasizing the house’s originality and unique design.
  • Rental: The owner lives in the home and also rents it out, with rates between $1,100 and $1,900 per night.

Owner’s Investment and Renovation Efforts

  • Owner’s Background: A doctorate in engineering, the owner took on the renovation as a passionate side project.
  • Comprehensive Renovation: Covered every aspect of the house, resulting in a stunning transformation.
  • Cost: The renovation represented a significant financial investment.

Potential Buyer

  • Profile: Likely to be someone who appreciates the house’s artistic and unique character.
  • Nate Granata’s Insight: Emphasizes that the buyer would need to find genuine satisfaction in the house’s distinct style and character, considering the investment size.
Entry(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Aerial view(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Bedroom(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Bedroom(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Fireplace(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Dining room(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Bedroom(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Wine cellar(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)
Exterior(Courtesy Dr. Michael Seitz)


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