Abandoned Estate Dubbed “Welsh Versailles” is Available For £750k


For £750,000, you may currently acquire an abandoned estate known as “Welsh Versailles” that contains more than 200 rooms.The 173-year-old Kinmel Hall estate, which is situated in Abergele, Conwy, North Wales, was “left to rot” until being listed for sale a week ago.The 500-foot-long mansion was listed more than ten years ago, during the height of the real estate bubble, for the exorbitant sum of £15 million.

By assuming the lead, the Friends of Kinmel Hall advocacy group has added to the fight to safeguard the Grade I-listed palace.Queen Victoria frequently visited the home, which is surrounded by 18 acres of walled gardens, and the real estate firm Allsop only recently listed it for sale.

Queen Victoria once visited the magnificent Kinmel Hall, which is situated amid 18 acres of walled gardens and has nearly 200 rooms.Regretfully, water has seeped into the 80,000 square foot structure, necessitating a tens of millions of dollar overhaul of the entire property.The property has frequently been listed among the most endangered structures by the Victorian Society each year. Historians have praised the home for its striking resemblance to King Louis XIV of France’s Palace of Versaille, which dates back to the 17th century.On May 13, Allsop and Carter Jonas will hold an auction in London, with a guiding price of just £750,000—about the cost of a London apartment.Acer Properties Limited, a business registered in the British Virgin Islands, purchased it in 2011 for £1.45 million.

With 365 windows, 122 rooms, and 12 entrances, it is a unique example of a calendar house, designed by famed Victorian architect William E. Nesfield.We can only hope that cleaning doesn’t take a full year because there is a window for every day of the year and an entrance for every month.Despite being praised as one of the most stunning mansions in the nation, there were earlier intentions to turn the ancient pad at Abergele, Conwy, North Wales, into a hotel. However, those plans tragically fell through.


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