Abandoned Gilded Age Villa on 6.9 Acres of Private Island Finds Buyer After Years! Photos Inside!


Real Estate Overview

  • Location: Lot 1, Cape Vincent, New York 13618
  • Size: 6.9 acres with a 15,000-square-foot villa
  • Water Access: Three points of access totaling 815 feet
  • Villa front: 198 feet
  • North Bay: 287 feet
  • South Bay: 330 feet
  • Condition: Uninhabited for over seven decades with significant deterioration. No direct utilities, but water and power are available from the river.
  • History of Use: Constructed circa 1895, last used around 1927. During WWII, contractors removed interiors, doors, and windows.

Property Details

  • Bedrooms: 11
  • Land: 6.9 acres
  • Architectural Style: Hybrid Richardsonian Romanesque-Tudor Revival
  • Architect: William Henry Miller

Historical Background

  • Original Owner: William O. Wyckoff, a pioneer in the typewriter industry
  • Notable Events:
  • Wyckoff Villa, named after the original owner, was briefly lived in by Wyckoff before his death one day after moving in, in 1895.
  • General Electric, at one point, planned to convert the mansion into a corporate retreat but abandoned the plans during WWII.
  • The property’s deterioration accelerated after its windows and doors were removed during the war.

Future Plans

  • The new buyer has committed to rehabilitating the property, aiming to restore its former glory and perhaps repurpose it for modern use.


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